San Marco

Luxury Rugs

San Marco collection is the result of careful market analysis, which shows an increasingly common demand for silk rugs. To meet this demand, our design center has been tested differents materials and choosed this a vegetable fiber, made from banana trees originating in Nepal.
In Nepal, banana tree trunk is harvested, crushed and subjected to a softening process for fiber extraction, then bleached and dried. Subsequently, fibers are sent to Kathmandu Valley and used in a texture that resembles that of silk. This rugs type is hand produced with traditional methods, keeping the shine and softness of silk, but with a much lower price.
Made even more precious rugs San Marco are soft colors and designs, neo-classical and modern style. Designed to give further prominence to natural material used, different models are produced with “carving technique “, an antique method that allows to hand carve the rug nap, creating desired pattern embossed or bas-relief.

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