Handmade modern rugs

A story handmade

The wool: Our wool has different backgrounds, from the regions of Kashmir between the Afghan Gazni mountains and Nepal. All these wools are then spun by hand to achieve an irregular yarn and during dyeing absorbs the colors in an irregular manner to obtain the variations of tone which constitute a unique product on the market. The coloring is done through the use of vegetable dyes made ​​from flowers, herbs and tree bark. Some colors are natural (not dyed) as white, brown, gray and beige. For all our rugs custom size and design have a great success as interior decoration for hotels, yachts and shops.

The weaving is done on a frame, the support used is cotton on which the weaver, led by a project paper, weaves the desired design. The height of the pile varies according to customs and fashions, you can get a thickness between 10 to 15cm approximately. The washing takes place following the shaving. The carpet is treated with water and soap to remove any impurities from the wool. After all these steps the carpet is ready for use and the buyer will thus have the guarantee of having a modern design rug as in antiquity was carried out using the original production method, completely handcrafted and highly environmentally friendly.
Production as descibed have features so paculiar such as this products acquires characteristic of luxurious carpets suitable to decoratehospitality and residential of high level.