About us

modern design rugs

We are an Italian firm which was established in the heart of Veneto joining love of design to love of the millenary tradition of the handknotted rug. Our experience starts back in 1882 when Luigi Sartori started selling his rugs in his first store in Verona. Then a second store was opened in Rovigo in the 20s with the selling of interior design items.

In the 50s, when the modern rug started spreading in North European countries, Sartori firm, which is always careful to discover new trends, started enhancing a project of design rug which suited Italian market and, some time later, it started its direct production.


Evolution of tradition

The project was carried out in 2008. Thanks to cooperation with Diesel Spa, an innovative idea was growing: using old rugs to make them completely new and so, breathe new life into them in line with a fresh and young style.

So, here is Vintage Patchwork Rug which tells a story of rebirth: classic or ancient rugs are discoloured, cut, dyed again and handsewed again. In this way, the rug is unique and very special coming from fine materials and suiting contemporary rooms perfectly and requirements of a modern interior design.

Franco Sartori
Paolo Sartori

Why we do that?

Sartori firm believes in the millenary tradition of the handmade rug , synonym of high quality, which makes our product a perfect union of elegance, history and innovation by joining to our Italian design.

The rug, which is a furnishing accessory often undervalued, is very useful to define and enrich the style of rooms by making it more harmonious. An interior design equipped with a Sartori rug turns out to be refined, balanced and warm.

All our rugs are entirely handmade with the use of selected fine materials and come from design projects enhanced in our country with Mr Paolo Sartori creative conducting.

Our strong points

italian design

Our interior design centre always takes care and looks for new trends in the world of interior design. The harmony among the endless search of new materials, fashionable colours and Italian design allows us to create modern rugs always keeping up with the times.

100% natural fibres

Our fine wool comes from New Zealand and Afghanistan and is handspun to get an irregular thread which absorbs colours in a discontinuous way to give back unique variations of shade to the market. Our natural colouring is achieved thanks to vegetable colours drawn from flowers, greens and barks.

Weaving is made on loom thanks to an expert weaver who makes the required design by following a paper plan. The fibres we use most are wool, vegetable silk (banana and bamboo) and viscose.

The purpose is to create a design rug where the modern style merges with the millenary tradition of ancient art.


Being producers allows us to meet all kinds of demands of both custom design and custom size in a very short time. Sartori firm is organized to be able to send every order easily and directly to the customer’s home all over the world.


Contract is a sector which is developing more and more and where we have been specialized to get proper solutions for whatever project of hotels, yachts, villas, stores and offices.

The customer’s satisfaction is our priority.


Directly where he/she can look and touch the product inside his/her interior design.
The wide choice we propose for every professional advice allows the customer to find the most suitable product for his/her demands. This service is nationwide and in Europe.
Sartori firm can offer free professional advice at its customer’s home.

Custom design

Sartori rugs can be personalized as for sizes, colours, shape and design.

Our customers can ask for sizes which are different from the standard ones (170*240, 200*300, 250*350, 300*400) to make their rooms balanced.
Colouring, which is essential to match the different furnishing accessories, is totally customizable as well, thanks to the wide range of colours offered by Sartori firm.
As for shape, too, every demand can be met, from different geometric shapes to more irregular ones.
In order to enhance further uniqueness and so the product, customers can give Sartori team the designs they have chosen so as to achieve an exclusive rug that represents them. Our interior design centre will take care of the project in all its stages until the creation of the finished rug.

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